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Approved $10/Day Child Care Since December 2022

Infant Program

Ages 8-weeks to 18 months

We provide a safe, non-restrictive environment for children to explore freely. Our teachers understand the importance of providing rich learning experiences, positive interactions, and promoting brain development through interactive play. This program recognizes the benefits that can derive from early exposure to music and art, as well as the benefits that come from being soothed by nature. 

Toddler Program

Ages 18 months to 36 months

Our toddler program is focused on providing an environment where children are encouraged to stimulate their senses through exploration of the world around them. Our teachers are here to support each child as they grow their independence, discover new skills, and develop a sense of self. Each classroom is equipped with materials that promote and inspire new experiences. Our outdoor play area allows for age appropriate risk taking that can help further children's self-esteem.

3 to 5.heic

3 to 5 Program

Ages 3 to 5 years

We believe learning through play provides a variety of experiences to aid in cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth. Through play based programming children are provided the opportunity to develop problem solving and friendship building skills. With respectful guidance from our teachers, children can learn how to work together, while gaining confidence in being independent. The outdoor aspect of this program strives to support the mental and physical well-being of all our children.

School Aged Program

Before and After School Care

Our out of school care program is open all day on all district wide professional development days and the school closures (Spring Break, Summer Break (additional fees apply to Summer care specifically) and Winter Break. We provide the children with a variety of open-ended art materials to explore and create with, as well as, lots of outdoor time that involves both free play and planned games and activities. Our OSC room is stocked with books and comfy areas for children who wish to have some winddown time and relaxation after a long day at school. We support and encourage the children to be respectful of material and to problem solve independently.

We service Cesqenela, Albion, Whonnock, and Blue Mountain Elementary Schools


Full-Time Rates

$10 for 4+ hours of care/day per month

5 Days a Week


4 Days a Week


3 Days a Week


2 Days a Week


1 Day a Week


Part-Time Rates

$7 for 4 or less hours of care/day per month

5 Days a Week


4 Days a Week


3 Days a Week


2 Days a Week


1 Day a Week


Drop-In Rates

Drop-ins are subject to availability.

Full-Day (4+ hours)


Half-Day (4 or less hours)


Before and After School


Before School Only


After School Only


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